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To help everyone understand what the San Bernardino County Firefighters’ Association (SBCoFFA) is and the role which it plays within the San Bernardino County Fire Department this document was created to give a brief overview of the SBCoFFA.

SBCoFFA was born in the 1930s as the Fontana Firefighters Association, and has transitioned over the years as the Fontana Fire protection District was merged into the the Central Valley Fire District and then finally into the San Bernardino County Fire Department.  As the Fire Department grew the SBCoFFA grew as well, always welcoming new groups in the organization.

The primary mission of SBCoFFA has always been the benevolence of it’s members.  We Provides fiscal security for the brotherhood of our members.  SBCoFFA maintains over $100,000 in cash accounts that would allow for immediate finical action taken to benefit a tragedy to one of our members. Sometimes these events are shared with members other times privacy is necessary.  Ask around you will likely find someone that can share an event that  SBCoFFA’s benevolence has been there for when it was truly needed.  When appropriate the Association always tries to replenish expenditures so they will be available for future needs.  (Resent examples of SBCoFFA support are Engineer Ron Reed & Kendra Lewis (Capt. Ken Lewis’ daughter)

Membership to SBCoFFA is open to both safety, non-safety employees, from fire chief to Ambulance Operator.  We are not a professional labor organization and will never endorse or participate in any political process.  We do not represent any labor group or individual employees and are completely transparent between all employee groups.

Following is a partial list highlighting the ways SBCoFFA contributes to our members.

SBCoFFA provides a support system for retiring employees through the following benefits.

  • Members with 10 years of Membership to SBCoFFA will receive a cash gift of $1,000 from SBCoFFA.
  • Retiring members will receive a handcrafted helmet plaque gift.
  • SBCoFFA will organize an annual Retirement Dinner (held in May of each year)

SBCoFFA is involved in planning and underwriting many other social events that benefit it’s membership.  These include Annual Dept. Christmas party, picnic, beach party, and golf tournament.

SBCoFFA provides 2 million dollars in insurance coverage to protect members during SBCoFFA sponsored events.

SBCoFFA also provides a loan program available to members.  Members may borrow up to $1,000 at 6% simple interest from SBCoFFA.  See treasure for details and deduction forms.

SBCoFFA purchases primary televisions for staffed fire stations (24 hour).  We provide $750 toward the purchase and or replacement for TVs at these stations.

SBCoFFA Provide flowers to members and their immediate family when in hospital, new baby, or funeral.

SBCoFFA is maintaining our history through projects like the Station 71 fire museum, and the complete frame up restoration of Engine One.

SBCoFFA has financed the startup cost as well as underwritten many special clubs, groups and projects.  Examples are SBCoFD Honor Guard, Pipes and Drums, Softball Team, Surf Club, Leather Lungs motorcycle club.

SBCoFFA has purchased and maintains various items to benefit members.  Some example are Last Alarm Funeral Bell, and funeral hose bed coffin liner, multiple Ez-Up shade covers, tables & chairs, BBQ and cook trailers.

SBCoFFA provides support for many community and fire service benefits.  Some examples include Craig Alder Golf Tournament (SB City FD), Larry Davis Burn incident (Apple Vally FD), Firefighter Burn Quest, Inland Burn Institute, Children’s Fund, Various Community Rotary Clubs, Lake Arrowhead Santa Bon Fire, Spark of Love Toy Drive, LLUMC Breast Cancer, San Antonio Heights Paramedic program.


Yours in Service,

Mike McClintock

President SBCOFFA

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