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Board Members

SBCOFFA is made up of Board Members in each geographical area of San Bernardino County Fire. This ensures each division has a representative from SBCOFFA with their “ears to the ground” to watch out and help members in times of need. Below are the members and some basic information about them.



Mike McClintock

Fire Captain, City of Victorville (FS312B)

Mike has been the president of SBCOFFA for approx. 1 year, following in the footsteps on his father, who was the President for nearly 15 years. Mike works in Division 3 which serves the City of Victorville and other areas of the High Desert. Mike lives in the City of Yucaipa, is married with (2) kids.




Mike Murphy

Fire Captain, City of Fontana (72C)

Mike has been the treasurer for SBCOFFA for 3 years, and also serves as the Division 1 Representative for our Division 1 (Valley areas). Mike is assigned to FS72 in the City of Fontana, which serves as our Urban Search & Rescue station. Mike is your point of contact for Association accounts.


Mountain Representative:


Anthony Muscarello

Firefighter / Paramedic, Lake Arrowhead (92C)

Anthony serves as the Mountain Rep for Division 4, which serves the Lake Arrowhead, Crestline and Fawnskin areas.

South Desert Rep:


Darrell Feuerhahn

Captain, City of Yucca Valley (41C)

Darrell has been a Representative for approx. 2 years and is currently a Captain at FS41 in the City of Yucca Valley.  Darrell is a 15 year member of the SBCoFD and lives in the City of Yucaipa.

Retirement Party Planner:


Shawn Millerick

Captain, City of Fontana (71B)

Shawn hales from Boston, Mass and coordinates the yearly retirement party.  Shawn hosts the party, and is known for his “jokes” during dinner.  Shawn is a 18 year member of SBCoFD and lives in South Orange County.


Christmas Party Planner:


Engineer, Phelan (10C)

Travis is a 7 year member, and came to SBCoFD when the City of Victorville came to County Fire.  Travis plans the annual Christmas Party each year.  Travis lives with his wife Tamera and son Troy in the High Desert.


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